How long does it take to get bookkeeping clients?

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Hey, this is Veronica Wasek with another episode of BK Biz: How long does it take to get bookkeeping clients? 

How long does it take to get bookkeeping clients? That is a great question. And, I think it’s something that every new bookkeeper wonders, even those who are thinking about going into bookkeeping. How long will it take for you to get clients? The answer varies based on a lot of different factors, even where you live and the kinds of clients that are around your area. 

Location, location, location  

I’m very fortunate to live next to Houston, Texas, which is a very big area. But, I’ve actually decided to focus my business and have a nationwide business, so I can actually get virtual clients from around the country.  

Decide how you will market your services 

So, I would say that, first of all, you need to decide how you’re going to market your services. And yes, you have to market your services. So, if you’re marketing your services locally, then what does that take? I would encourage you to visit your local chamber of commerce to visit business groups that are meeting around your area. Visit a lot of them, don’t necessarily join groups immediately, but get your name out there, and let people know what you’re doing. If you’re still setting up your bookkeeping practice, let people know you’re about to launch in a few weeks or a few months, but get out there and get your name known right away. Make sure that you have business cards, and that you have, at least, a Facebook page or a website with just a landing page saying “coming soon” or something that makes you look legitimate. And, by all means, make sure that you have a domain name in your email address. No Yahoo or Gmail email addresses please. 

Meet trusted advisers 

I also encourage you to meet with trusted advisers, whether they are CPAs, attorneys, or investment advisors. Anyone who works with high-paying clients would be a great referral source for you. Be sure to meet for lunch, meet for coffee. Again, get your name known in your area. That is your main goal: is to just have people know who you are. 

Work on your online presence 

If you’re looking to build a virtual business outside of your local area, whether it’s in your state, municipality, or country, then you need to work on your online presence, starting number one, with your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile that is up-to-date, showing that you are the owner of your bookkeeping business. Get a website, even if it has one page. A website will show people that you are a legitimate business owner. Set-up your social media accounts for your business. So, get a Facebook page, get business accounts for any other social media that you want to use. Again, you want to look legitimate to the people around you. 

Start a YouTube channel, blog, or podcast 

I highly encourage you to get involved either with, setting up a YouTube channel, a blog, or a podcast. Find what works for you, but start putting out some valuable content for your ideal client. I started out with a blog, but I also have a YouTube channel. But, if I had to do it all over again, I would start with a YouTube channel.     

Ultimately, how long does it take to get bookkeeping clients?  

It really depends on where you live, what your circumstances are, who you can network with, and how quickly people might find you online. Personally, for me, I started my business in the middle of the Great Recession, so it took me a while longer to get a steady flow of clients. It actually took me two years to bring in a steady stream of revenue in the “high five” figures. So, for other people I know, it just takes them a few months, so it just all depends. 

Invest in a lead generation system 

If you are serious about bringing in new clients, then I would encourage you to invest in a lead-generation system. The lead generation program that I use is Ben Brown’s Million Dollar Firms. I have been very successful with this program and have gotten some very big clients as a result. This is a program that requires a financial investment, but if you follow it correctly and do all of the work that it takes, you will bring in leads that will more-than-pay for the course fee.     

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I’m Veronica Wasek, and this is BK Biz. 

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